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At FitMyCar, we're for car accessories that fit. That's our 100% guarantee.

Our Story

Here at FitMyCar, we sell accessories that are made to fit your car.

We manufacture all our carpet floor mats and dash mats right here in Australia and offer quality aftermarket alternatives to the products sold through dealerships, at a fraction of the price, because why should made-to-fit car accessories cost more than they should.

With the largest pattern library of custom car floor mats, dash mats and boot liners in Australia, we guarantee all our products will fit your car, that's our promise. 

Our Guarantee

We're not just for your daily driver, we also specialise in 4wds and Utes, as well as accessories for your commercial vehicles, and hold a range of universal accessories including mobile phone mounts as well as car cleaning and detailing products.

We offer the opportunity to customise your purchase and truly make it yours. Whether it's to protect, enhance or purely drive your vehicle, we have the products and options to suit.

Start by using the ‘shop by car’ vehicle selection form to browse the range that’s available to fit your car!


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